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We create a competitive sales environment among qualified buyers.


Property Evaluation

heritage-9Affordable Housing Advisors (AHA) will prepare a complimentary valuation of your property, to assist you in evaluating your investment options. We will provide an estimated value of your property using the most current market information, rent and sales comparables, applicable HUD programs, affordable housing resources and our extensive experience underwriting multi-family properties. We currently evaluate more than 700 Section 8 affordable properties per year. Click here for your no cost, confidential evaluation.


Customized Marketing Program

A crucial advantage provided to clients of Affordable Housing Advisors (AHA) is the company’s ability to create a customized, national marketing program, connecting the most qualified and motivated buyers seeking to acquire Section 8 properties. AHA maintains a central property and listing database leveraging relationships with qualified buyers across the country. If discretion is desired by the prospective seller, we can match the subject property with a handful of prospective buyers or a single optimal buyer, without conducting a broad marketing campaign.

Direct Marketing / Phone & Email Campaign

Upon exclusively listing a property for sale, the proprietary AHA database will match the property with the most qualified potential for-profit and nonprofit buyers locally, regionally and nationally. Direct promotional materials are used to present the investment opportunity. After specific buyers are identified, a direct marketing campaign is initiated, followed by strategic emails and personal follow-ups.

Industry Networking

AHA has cultivated long-standing relationships with the nation’s leading affordable housing attorneys, accountants, appraisers, consultants, management companies, equity providers and lenders. This network of affordable housing service providers allows us to stay up-to-date on all market activity and changes in the affordable housing landscape. As a result, AHA is constantly developing new relationships with investors and developers of affordable housing.


AHA continuously advertises in local, regional and national publications effectively generating exposure for exclusively listed properties. Every advertising campaign is launched in conjunction with phone and email campaigns, internet marketing and national networking to strategically maximize exposure.

Internet Marketing

In addition to our powerful outbound marketing system, AHA provides proprietary online capabilities at This confidential, password protected system allows qualified prospective buyers the opportunity to access AHA’s exclusively-listed property inventory.


Largest National Buyer Pool

The AHA team has compiled an extensive investor database and created personal relationships with prospective buyers. Our investment professionals are in frequent contact with thousands of owners/investors resulting in immediate access to current investment requirements, which are matched to the most appropriate properties listed in AHA’s exclusive inventory. In addition to leveraging personal relationships with qualified investors, AHA creates exposure through customized, national marketing campaigns.

AHA’s past experience and current activity have enabled them to identify and interact with a majority of the most active buyers in the country. We have the ability to qualify buyers through our marketing system and ensure that all buyers are well informed prior to submitting offers or executing a purchase agreement. Our system inherently increases the probability of a smooth transaction from the execution of a purchase agreement to the closing.


Market Research

Our internal research division produces customized, extensive national and local market research reports. Our reports include local market trends and analysis of regional and national developments to support property evaluation, pricing and positioning.


Transaction Management

Our internal transaction team is dedicated to making sure every transaction we broker is as smooth and efficient as possible. The team has facilitated hundreds of sales over the years and works diligently to assist clients from the execution of a purchase agreement through the closing. We understand the pitfalls that can delay closings and our transaction specialists organize, track and plan ahead to keep the escrow process moving forward. Our transactional experience allows us to guide both the buyer and seller through a successful closing.